Johnson & Johnson Reveals New Blue Mild-Filtering Contacts

In keeping with optometrist Jeff Anshel, O.D., FAAO, this new know-how solely serves to perpetuate the misconceptions round what it actually takes to guard our eyes from blue mild 24/7. “Blue mild glasses [and contact lenses] are minimally protecting; the most effective safety is to eat lutein and zeaxanthin,”* Anshel beforehand advised mbg

Macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin neutralize free radicals and filter blue mild, appearing as “inner sun shades” to assist shield our eyes from extra publicity that’s grow to be more and more widespread in our fashionable, digital world.* 

Our our bodies can’t make these useful carotenoids on their very own, so we have to get them from our food plan. Lutein- and zeaxanthin-rich meals sources embody leafy greens, inexperienced peas, orange peppers, and avocados.

A fair less complicated manner to make sure you’re getting sufficient of those macular carotenoids? Contemplate taking a premium complement with efficacious doses of each.

mbg’s eye well being+ delivers clinically backed doses of lutein and zeaxanthin (from marigold flower extract), plus further vision-supporting botanicals astaxanthin (one other eye-critical carotenoid), Patagonian maqui berry, and saffron to advertise 360-degree eye well being, operate, and longevity.*

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