How Vitamin C Enhances Iron Absorption In The Physique

A fast refresher: Heme and non-heme iron come from completely different sources. Heme iron comes from animal sources (suppose meat, fish, and poultry), whereas non-heme iron comes from each crops and animals. The latter shouldn’t be absorbed within the physique fairly as simply as animal-sourced iron. 

So in case your weight loss program consists of primarily plant-sources, you’ll have a little bit of a more durable time absorbing the quantity of iron your physique wants. Nevertheless, there’s one important nutrient that may help this course of: vitamin C. 

Vitamin C helps to improve the bioavailability of non-heme iron. Translation? The presence of vitamin C makes non-heme iron extra simply accessible for the physique to soak up and use.* 

Moreover, vitamin C optimizes the uptake of iron from transferrin (the protein that transports iron by way of the blood), making certain that iron is absorbed not solely correctly however effectively distributed within the physique as effectively.* Fairly cool, proper?

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