8 Finest Hip Stretches To Assist Reverse Tightness From Sitting

Calling all my desk-sitting pals: How tight are your hips proper now? If you happen to’re something like me, all these hours sitting behind my laptop leaves my hips begging for some stable stretches.

That stated, it is essential to remember that hip ache may really be an indication of hip weak point, not tightness. How are you going to inform the distinction? Take this tip from Pilates teacher Helen Phelan: “To check in case you even have tight hip flexors, lie down along with your hips hanging off the sting of a mattress and hug one knee into your chest. If you happen to’re ready to attract the highest knee into your chest whereas the underside leg stays flat to the mattress, it is not hip tightness that’s inflicting rigidity and ache however weak point.”

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